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it's been a long time...

Hola! So i know you're supposed to tell about things in order Florida will just ahve to wait until i go to becky's hopefully tomorrow and can post pics.

After i got back, Beck n I hung out with Dun and Nick a lot. Also Brooksey, Boewe, Kenny, and Rence.

So Justyne's this weekend! She picked Beck and me up from my house at 4ish on Friday. got there around 7 and put up the tent and ate footlong hot dogs. Went to get ice cream with Stynie's boyfriend Drew and watched Monster-in-law and slept in the tent.  Next day went on the boat all day. LAyed out, went tubing, jet skied,  ate, road around, had fun, got ice cream with Stynies dad and then watched coach carter! then we slept in the tent again. OMG! it was crazy! it stormed all night(we went to bed at one) and then at 6 we finally came in cuz justyne was soaked and it was cold and wet and this HUGE HUGE HUGE thunder went off,. we ate, watched bewitched and then slept til 12.  that day Went out on the boat and did more tubing riding around and stuff with Chelsea and Emily too. it was great! then we slept inside and hung out with Drew and stuff. Monday we went on the boat and it died out on the lake so we got towed in by her friend Shane and then we fixed it and went back out and got stuck again!! We were SO far away from her house so we held on to the back of the boat and kicked and dived off the baot to make it move and we moved about a quarter of a mile-we were so proud-and then got towed in the rest of the way. Ah then Drew fixed it and we went back out. then we got ice cream again. Then Today we went out and it got really messed up and got tons of water in it and we did more of the paddling and stuff but it was kinda sinking so ew babrely got back in and scooped all the water out. then we came home with Beck's dad and here I am! I had a blast. Highlights: 20 inch blades on the impala! Mr. M, breaking everything, you just said itchey with a b! our dance party, ah! I'm gonna eat you, hes a dentist...sorry to hear that, but that doesnt have to be your life, hey boy...theres a spider. WAVE! Natecky-Beckalie. the whole worlds gonna die tomorrow!

So as you know Florida pics will have to wait til tomorrow and some form here will too until i finish the camera. But it was a blast. So here's the plans coming up! staying home a lot this week. Fair either Friday or Sunday. Party maybe with beck saturday and Hootie and the Blowfish-GO! and Morie's birthday Sunday! yay! comments on any other happenings!

PS/I miss Betsy, Kelly, Krista, and Darbe like no other. I can't wait to see Raquel and I freakin cant wait to go to the Hootie and the Blowfish concert with the whole world.

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