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give it to me baby-*-nice n slow

Oh, the ways you can spend your last weekend of the school year....

Spent the night at Beck's. Went to Erik's and watched us some movies.

Woke up and went to the tutorial

Then to Beth's Open House

Then to the baseball game. Talked with Adam n Aaron then with Monique, and then with Tigan.

Then we went to Becky's cottage and Cook's

Finally off to Ashley's for a nigt of PARTAYIN!

Krista's butt and ashleys.  At around 11 me n Kris went to the bball courts at North Sash...some guys were there and then all the other girls came.

Ashley's aunt is CRAZY fun!

This mornin we layed out for a LoOnG time!

And that was the weekend! Get at me....holla.
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