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Fun week. Saturday I got new bedrrom furniture. It looks pretty sweet. Hung out with my mom and we went to the Olive Garden(my favorite!) Sunday I didn't do much of anything. Cleaned my room a lot. Monday I went to the cottage with Beck and then my mom came over and talked to her parents and it's official! she's coming to FLorida with us! Spent the night there-Linds too. We went to Erik's swimming around 10 that night. It was pretty fun. Tuesday I went the gym, then Morie picked me up there and took me to the mall and some stores with her mom and the midgets. cuh-RAY-zee! then we went to Linds' and partayed with like 10ish people. it was pretty fun. I love her vibrating seats. Me n Beck spent the night. yay! Made cd's and listened to music all night. THEN linds had drivers training at 7:30 so she got back at 9:30 and slept. Beck got me up around 10:30 and we layed out in the pool-w/o Linds- for about 3 hours. My face is a lil burnt. oh well. it was FUUN runnig in the pool ha! Morie's in FL for 2 weeks then i go so unless we meet up that's almost a month w/o her!
IL on Saturday now. Florida next Friday<3
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