Natellatoo--* (tan_line_88) wrote,

Jesus loves me!

SO I*ve had so much fun lately! Damn homie.

Chris', Becky's, Becky's Cottage, Polson's-streaking, hotties, kissing pictures, kissing, make out with him or me-could go on forever. WHAT ELSE? Driver's training, late night talk with Nick, spitting in his sandwich, HA! movies, throwing hannahs' swimsuit, Brandon's and all that jazz. hells yeah way to start the summer.


Last day of school.

I'm gonna marry this kid ^ se amo!

My brother's baseball game. Check yoself hes gonnabe famous someday. Fo real.

the best little sister you could ever ask for. notice how Megan isn't mentioned whatsoever. that little shit.


and last-but not least-POLSON'S!


and lets just say that i never thought austin handley was hott until i saw this picture.

Image hosted by

<3 comment. 14 days until I'm on my way to Fuloriduh with beckers and mi familia - jessi and dad.

who am I hanging out with this week?

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