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Hey ya'll. This weekend was so fun! I wonder how Kokomo woulda been but I know for sure that I had fun here!

Friday-went to the LAX game. me n beck and then joey walked from his house to the HIGHSCHOOL so we met him on his way back and went back to the game. It was fun. Back to Beck's for a bomfire and smores and camping in the tent in her backyard.

Sat-went to Morie's cottage and went out on the paddle boat, canoe, TRAMPOLINE!!, and watched the end of Team America and I HAVE to rent that because I want to see the whole thing. All I have to say is "Matt Damon"

Sun-went to downtown Holly and bought this sweet necklace and got ice cream with MOrie and her cousins. Came home, went to Beckys and dinner at their next door neighbors. Larry was there too so we went back to becks and babysat the kids by a bonfire. FUN! EEE! Beck spent the night we went to bed early.

Today-Woke up early and went on a bike ride really tough one too i kicked my butt at it. then came home while beck took a shower at her house. Worked out a lil and then layed out with beck. went back to her house around 12:30 and cleaned up then went to Tony's house and went on the paddle boat, ate, then motor boat. it was great.

well had a BLAST this weekend. End of the year party anyone? comment!
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